“BI” and “Reporting” are terms that are often used interchangeably without really understanding the difference. Where Reporting is data about the past and current status, BI (Business Intelligence) is about the past, what happened, why it happened, and providing insight to change and improve the future. Reporting is typically static in nature, may be focused on a specific area, and parameterized to allow filtering on different categories or data ranges.  BI tools allow users to interact with data, slice and dice, drill down, and make use of powerful visualizations.  

We help clients with BI & reporting covering a range of needs:

  • Initial Proof of Concept to prove the business case for further investment
  • Extending an existing BI solution with more data sets and dashboards
  • Comprehensive review of an existing solution that may not be meeting business needs
  • End-end design & implementation of new BI/reporting solution

Whether it is filling skills gaps in your existing project team, adding additional expert resource to scale your project, or owning the end-end project, Enoua can provide the right resource, expertise, and assurance to get your solution delivering value.


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