We provide professional services covering a range of solution areas,
and we can deliver those services via different engagement models.

Engagement Model

We can provide advisory services on an ad-hoc basis, where you purchase the time of an expert consultant. Our consultants provide advice & guidance, conduct reviews and make recommendations on a topic, or to carry out a specific activity under your own guidance. These engagements will could be a small number of days, on an ad-hoc basis, or a larger more structured review. We ensure that you are getting access to resource that is experienced and knowledgeable in the areas required.

If you have a project, and need a team to take it through to successful completion, engage our project delivery services. We can manage the project from end to end, from idea to go-live. No matter the size of the project, we are engaged to manage and deliver an end result, with the assurance that it will meet its defined success criteria.

Managed Services
We can deliver a service on an ongoing basis. Ranging from a person, an entire team, to an end-end solution managed by us and delivered as a service for you to use.
Maybe you need reactive support, someone on the end of the phone or Zoom session to help you resolve issues whenever they arise.
With managed services, you can rest assured that the operational services you need and rely on, will always be there. We worry about that for you.


BI & Reporting
Do you need a BI solution building? Have an existing BI solution but need some additional data sources integrating? Want some more reports building on your existing data set?
We have resources with experience in all the mainstream BI and reporting solutions.

Data Engineering
Our consultants can provide a range of general data engineering services. From resolving issues in your existing data solution, through to designing and implementing a brand new enterprise data warehouse to meet your business needs.

Analyst Services
Our data analyst services can assist you with your operational data analysis and reporting needs. This could be just writing and executing operational queries on your data and providing reports, through to answering business questions and telling the story from the data. Delivered as a one off engagement, or as a managed service to augment your existing team. We can also provide part of an FTE, where you cannot justify having a full FTE of your own.