SKUtrak - Less time gathering and manipulating data into spreadsheets means more time identifying issues and fixing them!

SKUtrak® is the UK’s leading grocery flow-of-goods tracker for UK FMCG suppliers, provided by Atheon Analytics. SKUtrak helps UK grocery suppliers to see answers and insights in their data – increasing sales, improving availability and optimising their supply chains. With SKUtrak DataShare, you can plug the curated SKUtrak data straight into your BI platform to start running your own queries against the data for custom insights.

Enoua are proud to partner with Atheon Analytics, to help SKUtrak users make effective and efficient use of this incredibly valuable dataset in their own systems.

What exactly is DataShare?

DataShare is direct access to the same consistent, cleansed, and curated feed of retail data that is used to drive the SKUtrak platform. Rather than accessing data through visualisations within the SKUtrak web user interface, DataShare provides a connection to the master Snowflake database that sits behind the web app, so that you can connect your tools directly to the database and effortlessly pull the data into your systems. Every day, as SKUtrak updates with new data from retailers, so does your view of the data via the DataShare.

What can you do with it?

The power of SKUtrak DataShare is the ability to connect your own reporting and BI tools directly to the master data source, eliminate manual data extracts from SKUtrak, and allow you to slice & dice the data exactly as you wish. If you already use Tableau for BI, you can add DataShare as a data source to your Tableau environment and do your own analysis and create custom dashboards using your SKUtrak data.
But even if you are using Excel for your reporting, it is just as easy to connect Excel spreadsheets directly to SKUtrak DataShare, create powerful reports & dashboards, and have them all fully updated just by clicking on “Refresh All”.

We have prepared some examples and how-to videos to show you how to connect Excel to DataShare.

How can Enoua help?

Although most things are easy when you know how, and even with the great documentation and help provided by Atheon, sometimes it is just easier and better to get some help from an expert.
At Enoua, we are experts in…

  • the Snowflake database technology that SKUtrak DataShare run on
  • all the most common tools you likely to use to consume and share data (e.g. Tableau, Power BI, Excel, Qlik)
  • integrating data sources and connecting to front end tools in an efficient and reliable way
  • the DataShare structure, data dictionary, and how to interpret the data within it

Start with our free, no obligation, DataShare Discovery session, where we will explore with you how SKUtrak DataShare can be used within your business to deliver tangible business benefits.