What is an Analyst?

In the world of data, an analyst gathers, organises and interprets it, and uses it to tell a meaningful story. We break that down into two areas, that we call Creator and Consumer.

Creator Analysts explore data and produce tools for Consumer Analysts to use. They have a passion and appetite to go further with data. They have skills in data modelling, data engineering, exploratory analysis, and creating powerful data visualisations.

Consumer analysts use the Creator-built tools to explore business performance, produce insights relevant to the business, and tell the story.

Whether it is a one off project to build out new visualisations, carry out a review and refresh of existing dashboards, or providing a consumer analyst for a day a week, at Enoua we provide analysts services to match the needs of each of our clients.

Analyst Services or Analytical Consulting?

At Enoua we see a clear distinction between Analytical Consulting and Analyst Services. An analytical consultant is typically engaged on an individual project to answer a business question or provide strategy or technical solution to a specific challenge. In many business there are analysts working in operational roles regularly answering numerous business questions and continuously maintaining and enhancing solutions to provide insights for tomorrow.

Enoua provides analyst services to fill the gap where clients don’t have the operational capacity or capability in-house to effectively use BI and data analysis solutions. BI & data analysis tools can unlock immense value from you data, but in of themselves are a waste of time & money if you don’t have people or expertise to use them.

With Enoua Analyst Services you can either completely outsource your operational data analyst functions, or just buy in the required quantity of experienced analyst FTE to work under your management. A few hours a week, a few days a month, 3 FTE full time? Our services are just as flexible in how you consume them, as they are expert in what they do.

If you already have your data organised, but do not have the resource to interpret it, get it touch, and Enoua will get your data working for you.