A fireside chat with Atheon and Enoua

Christmas 2021 presented grocery suppliers with unprecedented supply chain challenges.
How did the best performing products manage this and what can we learn for our Christmas 2022 planning?

With production orders being placed over the coming months, we look at how to best analyse your performance to help you accurately model for Christmas 2022.

Listen to our fireside chat, alongside our partner Atheon where we discuss:

  • How different organisations tackled some of the challenges we saw at the end of 2021
  • How to access and use the data available to you to improve accuracy of forecasts for Christmas 2022 planning
  • What specific reports can have a measurable impact, and how to use the data available to you to ensure availability is as high as it can be

Plus easy solutions available now, to flag where promotions are not executing as planned and maximise sales over Easter.

Click here to contact Enoua and discuss your reporting and data needs including…

  • Advanced fields sales tools
  • Integrated promo dashboard
  • NPD tracker
  • Consolidated sales reporting across multiple retailers  
  • Consolidated stock picture – internal, production forecast, upstream supply chain
  • Christmas planning modelling tools 

Or arrange a DataShare discovery session where we explore with you how SKUtrak data can help across your business.

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